Friday, November 6, 2015

Fuyu. No, fuYU.

Have you guys ever had a Fuyu persimmon? Until very recently, I had only had the pointy kind of persimmons that have black seeds and are only good if they are mushy because if you eat them before they're ripe you can't get the bad feeling out of your mouth for a couple of hours.


Fuyus are fantastic. No seeds, not even a core, you can eat the whole thing. They have more of a pear-like texture but still taste persimmon-ish. These are my new favorite (raw) thing, and it's persimmon season right now so they're around. You should get some.

That's all. Just have a Fuyu and thank me later.


  1. They've been my favourite fruit for a long time, Lisa. Keep them in the fridge - they're beautiful chilled :)

  2. Beeee, I had it before, it's impossible.
    It's even not a fruit (:
    But everyone have different tastes, so take care.

    Best regards
    Toby, best data rooms