Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome Here, or Welcome Back

Hi Everyone. If you're new here to My Raw Blog, you can expect updates about what I eat, new products I try, and sometimes a video post about it all. I eat primarily raw-vegan, meaning raw fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds. Every once in awhile I throw in some other good vegan cooked stuff to mix it up. You can also find me at my family humor blog www.smacksy.com  Thanks for dropping in.

What I ate today:

• Coffee
• Raw cashews
• 1 avocado w/ Himalayan Pink Salt
• 1 cup of raspberries
• 1 warm bowl of leek, fennel, potato soup - made from scratch by my husband. Not raw, but oh so good.
• more coffee
• lots of water w/ lemon
• For dinner I'm at a restaurant called Tender Greens, my go-to there is a cold salad called The Happy Vegan: wheat w/ cranberry, quinoa with cucumber and beets, green hummus, tabbouleh, mixed greens and hazelnuts

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