Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Review: Trader Joe's Zesty Nacho Kale Chips

I haven't been to Grassroots for awhile because I was trying not to spend so much ca$h. I finally went today. I got a few of my favorite things and a big ol' green juice.

We had a delightful dinner at our friend Gabby's house. Make your own tostadas - really good and easy to make vegan. Also enjoyed the best watermelon I've had yet this summer.

Today I tried the new Trader Joe's Kale Chips. You can see my review here:

What I ate today:

• coffee
• 2 bananas
• macadamia nuts
• vegan red lentils in injera (Grassroots)
• Trader Joe's Zest Nacho Kale Chips
• green juice - kale, spinach, apple
• 2 tostadas - corn tortillas, pintos, cabbage, tomatoes. radishes, avocado
• watermelon