Friday, August 1, 2014

Not So Much

Shishito peppers showed up in the organic box yesterday. I've heard the way to eat them is sauteed in some olive oil and a little sea salt. Sounds good.

This was another odd day. I know, I didn't eat much but don't worry, I'm far from wasting away. I had a regular breakfast then all kinds of busy good hell broke lose and all of a sudden it was dinner time and lunch hadn't happened. At 6:00pm I went for a vegetable tray and another popsicle. (Hot day.)

What I ate today:

• coffee3bananasBrazilnutsofcourse
• Palapa Azul Frozen Watermelon Bar
• Trader Joe's Vegetable Tray - jicama, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, carrots
• Palapa Azul Yellow Sunrise Frozen Bar - pineapple, cucumber, orange, celery, lime (Bristol Farms)


  1. I really need to get some of those frozen bars!


  2. I tried a 6 week vegan challenge. I cried. You are so hardcore.

    1. As long as no one takes my coffee away, I'm good. xo