Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Enough With The Barking

Today we had some work being done on the front of the house, so in order to keep Teddy from barking non-stop for 6 hours, I brought him into the bedroom and I sat in bed with him all day, while I hung out on the internet. What I do for this family. Jeez.

Here's a link to ten reasons why vegans are not annoying. Written by, you know, a not annoying vegan.

What I ate today:

• So many bananas, I kind of lost count
• coffee
• green salad - baby kale, spinach, mixed lettuce, avocado w/ginger dressing
• Palapa Azul Yellow Frozen Bar (Bristol Farms)
• Evolution Spicy Lemonade (Vons)
• almond butter (Bristol Farms)
• Brussels sprouts
• red grapes

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