Friday, July 25, 2014

Yay. Kale.

We bought some snackety items for the trip. You want snacks? We got snacks. We brought carrots and apples and Brazil nuts and trail mix, and a mixed vegetable tray, bananas, bars, and almonds. We managed to eat a little of everything on our 45 minute flight today.

Lunch was at a restaurant in San Jose. I had a great kale salad. Dinner, another restaurant in San Jose, was soup and a salad. And late night coffee. French press. I wan't kidding around.

What I ate today:

• coffee!
• 2 bananas
• apple, banana Trader Joe's fruit bar
• apples
• carrots
• trail mix - cashews, almonds, dark chocolate
• kale salad - kale, tomatoes, avocado, kashi nuts
• vegan tomato soup
• salad - mixed greens, heirloom tomatoes, wax beans