Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walk It Off

I tried this stuff I got in the refrigerator section of Trader Joe's called Balela. It's a chickpea salad, not raw but vegan and really good. Thumbs up.

My plan was to eat dinner after we got home from Bob's basketball practice. At practice I got hit in the face with a ball so I didn't really feel like eating much after that. I just had a green juice and an ice pack. *Cue the violins.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• banana
• cherries
• Brazil nuts
• salad - kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green and red cabbage, micro greens, almonds, cherry tomatoes w/citrus ginger dressing
• Taste of Nature California Almond Bar (Got this out of a weird bag of swag I got at the conference.) vegan not raw
• Balela - chickpeas, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, black beans, onions, parsley mint, salt, garlic, black pepper, cayenne - (Trader Joe's) vegan not raw
• Trader Joe's Cold Pressed Green Juice - kale, spinach, apple, cucumber,celery, lemon, ginger
• 2 Advils