Friday, July 18, 2014

Travel Day

On the road (plane road) to Florida today. I brought some airplane snacks from home. When we got in to Ft. Lauderdale we met family at a Greek restaurant. Our room at the hotel has a small kitchen so we made a pilgrimage to Whole Foods where I tried not to buy the whole store. Succeeded. Somewhat.

Stuff I bought on the Whole Foods haul:

2 different kinds of kale chips
some "energy bites" that are little brown squares mad of maca and goji and other stuff
2 avocados
bunch of bananas
salad greens
olive oil
pink salt
cut fresh fruit
2 pressed juices

What I ate today:

• coffee (including airport Starbucks coffee)
• 2 bananas
• Brazil nuts
• apple juice
• apples
• Trader Joe's Apple Banana Bar
• green salad - romaine, tomatoes, onions, dill (Greek place)
• sauteed green beans, tomatoes, peas, onions (Greek place)

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