Thursday, July 17, 2014

That Time We Went To MAKE For The First Time

We're getting on a plane on Thursday for Florida. I hit Trader Joe's today to find some snacks to eat on the plane. I've seen the Chickenless Salad at Trader Joe's forever. It's vegan and I'm pretty sure it's made with textured vegetable protein (TVP) so obviously not raw, but vegan and worth a try. I bought a couple of them for the trip and tried one out today and OH DEAR LORD IT WAS NOT GOOD. Like, spit-it-into-a-napkin not good. It tastes like what most people are afraid that all vegan food tastes like, but so doesn't.

I'm not packing much in the way of food, this time. I've heard there's a Whole Foods near where we are staying so as long as I bring an unlimited line of credit, I will be fine.

Today Mr. Rosenberg and I are celebrating our nine year anniversary. We went to a raw vegan restaurant in Santa Monica called MAKE. Like going to Rawvolution, it is exciting to go someplace where I can eat any and everything on the menu. At MAKE, the food is very fancy-pants-beautiful and so very, very excellent. We got things off of the prix fixe menu. I will give the descriptions  below. We split everything. That was the difficult part because I really wanted it all to myself but, you know, marriage and anniversary and everything. If all raw food was prepared this way, more people would eat it and be on board with this lifestyle instead of trying to talk me out of it. Just a thought.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• 2 bananas
• Brazil nuts
• green juice - Fresh N Easy Veggie Blend Primary Greens with Apple and Lemon - celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, romaine, kale lime, lemon, parsley, wheat grass, clover sprout (Fresh N Easy)
• green salad - spring mix lettuce, baby kale, Lick Dill Cashew Spread
• veggie burger patty - vegan not raw (Trader Joe's)
• plantlab cheeses, fennel crackers, pickles, mustard - These "cheeses" were actually cheese like and the "pickles" were pickled peach, strawberry, and celery. I would liked to have licked the plate they came on. (MAKE)
• kimchee dumplings, ginger foam coriander - These are tiny and delicious. (MAKE)
• pistachio guacamole, pickled chili, jicama - These were  eentsy little guacamole "tacos" served in a thin slice of jicama and topped with a green chili. I would like to eat these every day. (MAKE)
• black pepper kelp noodles, snap peas, dehydrated olives, pea vines - These creamy noodles were
fan-amazing-tastic. I would like them to move in with me. (MAKE)
• heirlom tomato lasagne - Santa Barbara pistachio, macadamia ricotta. Nothing is better than real lasagne, except this raw lasagne. It is fresh and lasagne-y with an excellent sauce. (MAKE)
• pineapple cheesecake with coconut, strawberry - This was like a rich panna cotta with fruit and I will have dreams about it, if I'm lucky. (MAKE)
• banana split - three different types of ice cream, I don't know the flavors but they were sort of vanilla, butterscotch, and chocolate-like with dehydrated banana pieces separating the ice cream quenelles. I couldn't pick a favorite ice cream because they were all that good. (MAKE)

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