Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday Stuff

I think I might be considered a regular at Cafe Gratitude now. At least I'm a little more comfortable with ordering things by their new age-y adjective names. My current favorite meal is the Liberated, a raw vegan pasta, and of course, the Awakening, that vegan key lime pie that I can't get enough of.

We had lunch pretty late, so dinner was some blanched green beans that came in the organic box this week.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• banana
• apples w/almond butter
• red grapes
• raw Manzanilla olives
• 1/2 raw wrap - avocado, Lick red pepper cashew spread, greens, tomato, WrawP (Remember those?)
• Liberated - marinated kelp noodles, cherry tomatoes, black and green olives, arugula, basil hempseed pesto, cashew ricotta, Brazil nut parmesan (Cafe Gratitude)
• Awakening - creamy avocado-lime custard, cashew coconut meringue, pecan macadamia date crust  (Cafe Gratitude)
• almond milk latte (Go Get Em Tiger)
• green beans w/olive oil and pink Himalayan salt

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