Saturday, July 26, 2014

Side and Sides

Conference food, you guys. It's not bad at all considering they're trying to feed thousands of people, but, as predicted, there's not so much for me. Breakfast was fruit from the breakfast buffet, lunch started to be a dry side salad until I snuck out with a friend and went to the hotel restaurant for lunch.

The lunch soup was good, but I didn't really eat much of the hummus plate. The hotel hummus tasted like the inside of a cab.

Had a few snacks back in the room that we brought with us.

Dinner was late night room service. As it should be.

What I ate today:

• coffee, and plenty of it
• 2 bananas
• mixed fruit - pineapple, cantaloupe, honey dew
• side salad - ice berg lettuce, carrots, olives
• corn soup
• crudite
• olives
• Brazil nuts
• veggie burger
• mixed fruit


  1. 1. Love the Label. 2. It's your fault that I have started eating raw brazil nuts. They're delicious! 3. Unrelated, but I just picked up Steve's crib, which I heard was your old crib. Well, Bob's I guess...

  2. Clementine! Love all of this to bits! (You will probably notice the little bite marks on the top crib rail from when Bob was teething - my favorite thing.)