Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Vlogged, Yes I DId

Today I tried something new while I was trying something new. I tried the new-to-me Trader Joe's Cold Pressed Yellow Juice and while I was trying it, I recorded it, for your viewing pleasure. (Hopefully.)

I have always been the teensiest bit annoyed by people who say they, "forget to eat." Eating is one of the few things I can count on to always remember. Today was weird though. I didn't "forget" to eat, I just wasn't all that hungry so my list is a bit on the small side today. It happens.

What I ate today:

• coffee, you bet
• Brazil nuts
• cherries
• dried apricots
• cold pressed yellow juice (Trader Joe's)
• green salad - mixed greens, micro greens, tomatoes w/goddess dressing
• Caribbean frozen juice bar (Trader Joe's)

*Not a compensated post.


  1. I HATE people who say they "forgot to eat." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Over the years, I've noticed that my friends who say that mean they haven't had a meal. They've grabbed an apple, a donut, FRENCH FRIES. I had a girlfriend who told me she hadn't had a meal ALL DAY. She picked me up to drive to a party in Malibu and the floor of her car was littered with McDonald's bags which she claimed were from "last night" although the unmistakable stench of grease permeated the car. She's very overweight. Wonder why.

  2. "If you're into that..." Love it :)

  3. Love the addition of the vlog! Yes I do.