Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Again With The Gratitude

Today I went to breakfast with my friend Elizabeth at Cafe Gratitude. (It's a Cafe Gratitude kind of week which is, of course, fine by me.) I ordered "The Fantastic" - a raw crepe. It was chewy and not crepe-like but still lived up to it's name. I also had "The Complete" juice and, of course, coffee. Which at Cafe Gratitude is called "The Courageous." (For me, the real courageous would be going without coffee. Not gonna happen.)

I went to the coffee shop with Bob for lunch and got my usual chicken salad, no chicken add avocado.

After last night's burnt dinner disaster, I tried to redeem myself with a new curry. It turned out very not burnt. However, I ate it while it was much too hot and burned the hell out of the roof of my mouth, proving that I really can't handle cooked food.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• "The Fantastic" - Cashew crepe, fresh fruit, coconut yogurt, maple syrup, pecans (Cafe Gratitude)
• "The Complete" - kale, pineapple, cucumber, lemon, celery, turmeric (Cafe Gratitude)
• Napa Chicken Salad Without Chicken - romaine, red grapes, almonds, raisins, almonds, avocado, citrus vinaigrette
• iced tea
• banana
• curry - potato, cauliflower, peas, mushrooms, zucchini w/brown rice

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