Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things With Things

Today, my friend Anna took me to a place in the valley called Daichan for lunch. It bills itself as "Japanese Soul Food." I got a thing that had a lot of things on it, many of them I could not identify. All of it, I was assured, was vegetarian. It was really good.

What I ate today:

• Vegetarian Sushi Bowl - lotus root, gobo, white radish, cucumber, tofu, konnyaku yam cake, carrot, edamame, kobu and wakame seaweed, served with shiso plum vinegar brown sushi rice (Daichan)
• hot tea
• green juice - kale, spinach, apple (Grass Roots)
• Two Moms In The Raw Tomato Basil Crackers (Whole Foods)
• guacamole (Whole Foods)
• raw hummus (Grassroots)
• raw falafel (Grassroots)
• banana