Saturday, June 28, 2014

Something Else I Tried So You Don't Have To

Wow. Margeaux and Linda's Vegan Kitchen Perfectly Pad Thai isn't just not good, it is aggressively bad. I've had some very good vegan and even raw pad thai so I had high hopes for this stuff. Big let down. It was bitter and clumpy and there was nothing interesting in it. It was also $9.99 and that stings a little too. After a few bites, I threw it away and had an avocado instead. This is not a paid review, just me telling you - don't do it.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• plum
• nectarine
• Brazil nuts
• 4 bites of the nasty pad thai
• avocado
• Bragg's Apple Cider VinegarAll Natural Drink
• yellow curry w/tofu and brown rice - vegan not raw
• mango sticky rice
• Thai tea
• banana


  1. Thank you! I tried this too and...bleck. Thai tea sounds yummy:)


  2. It lost me at "kelp noodle."

    1. Kelp noodles can be wonderful. These were hard and weird. And hard.