Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Yes. You see it. It's raw. It's a cracker. It's a RAWKER. Why? Why with the horrible puns, raw people? So this "rawker" had a lot of sprouted ingredients. It was very crumbly and bright Spirulina green. Even with my dampened taste buds, I could tell this wasn't great. Even dipping it in my favorite raw olive hummus couldn't mask the not greatness of this hard crunchy oval. Thumbs down on the Rawker, everyone. Stay away.

My mom visited her doctor for a checkup last week. He asked her how I was doing. She mentioned that I was doing the raw/v thing. He told her that he has 3,700 patients and only two of them are vegan, none raw. He said he thought everyone should be eating that way. (Although I think if they did, it might really cut into his business.)

Tonight I went to a sweet PTA dinner thing at a friend's house. She was very kind and made a detour from the menu plate for me of nice things that I eat. (Thanks, Gabby! *waves*) I was well taken care of.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• 2 bananas
• Rawker w/ raw hummus (natural food store)
• green juice  - kale, spinach, and apple (natural food store)
• Brazil nuts
• Palapa Azul Frozen Green Bar (Bristol Farms)
• sauteed green beans
• peach
• red grapes
• iced tea
• cough syrup - Delsym 12 Hour

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