Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Land of a Thousand (or 3) Artichokes

We're back home from a few days on Catalina Island. It's not that the island isn't raw/vegan friendly - there is a Von's and the produce looked pretty good, but if you're interested in going to restaurants it's extremely limited. Like cup of fruit/side salad are your only options, limited. I decided to go vegan, hold the raw, and do the best that I could. I spent one evening last week reading all of the Catalina restaurants' menus online. I had a strategy.

I got a bunch of bananas, some air popped popcorn, and a few Lara bars at the market to keep in the room.

The first night we went to a Steak House. Yeah, I know, but they have a vegetable platter listed on the menu. I ordered a steamed artichoke appetizer and the veg plate. It was a lovely steamed artichoke. Then my entree came - the main feature of the veg plate? Another steamed artichoke. This is something our server failed to mention so two artichokes it was.

Mr. Rosenberg ordered a piece of mudpie for dessert to celebrate his birthday. I guess we could have jammed a birthday candle into another steamed artichoke but he went for the pie. I decided to join in and take a bite and then I had another and another. Before the check even came, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. All that sugar and all that dairy took me down fast. My system was not used to it. It was not good. I'm trying to keep it real folks, but let me just say I had digestive issues and leave it at that. See? There's something else I tried so you don't have to.

For breakfast we went to a pancake place that has oatmeal on the menu so that was my plan. By the time we got there, they were already out of it. Side of fruit for me. Do I even have to mention that I also had coffee because obvs.

Lunch was at a fish place. The closest thing to a vegetable they had on the menu was coleslaw swimming in mayonnaise. I went for the veggie burger and had some fries with that. Fries. Who am I?

Dinner was at a fancier fish place. I got the, yes- you guessed it, grilled artichoke for an appetizer because that's what they had. I then ordered a chopped shrimp salad without the shrimp, add avocado. This wasn't bad. Mixed greens with grilled vegetables, avocado, and some kind of goddess-like dressing. This place had mud pie on their dessert menu. I had a cup of coffee instead.

Breakfast the next day was a Lara bar and a banana.

Today I had been back at home about 30 seconds, when I called Kind Kreme and ordered a couple of Raw Bowls and Alkalizer green drinks to go. I have never been so happy to see raw kale and a drink that tastes like lawn. Raw! I'm back! I missed you so!

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