Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Can't Even

You guys? My friend sent me this picture taken in the produce department at the super market. Not only do these apples have an ingredients list, it's an ingredients list that includes "apples" but also "natural and artificial grape flavors." Now they're even making our healthy foods unhealthy. A Grapple a day keeps the health food away. 

What previously-known-as healthy foods have you seen around that have been messed with? 

What I ate today:

• banana
• green grapes
• coffee
• cold salad trio - cold lentils, hearts of palm, artichoke, tomato, ratatouille - vegan not raw (French Cafe near our place)
• apple
• cashew butter
• green salad - baby greens, red and green swiss chard, tat soi, arugula, spinach, pea shoots, avocado,
zucchini, yellow squash, pecans, ginger dressing
• dark chocolate - 87% cacao