Monday, June 9, 2014

Four Bananas And A Wedding

I have no idea how I ended up eating four bananas today. It just worked out that way. My taste buds aren't really working right now because of this cold/flu thing I have so eating was just about trying to not be hungry, not about taste. I napped straight through lunch.

This evening, we were at a wonderful wedding. I had the vegetarian option for dinner: Artichoke beignets. These were three steamed artichoke hearts with some kind of sauce. It was really good. I am basing my opinion on what Mr. Rosenberg reported about his dinner since, yeah, I couldn't really taste it.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• 4 bananas (I know.)
• artichoke beignets w/ carrots, green beans and potatoes (vegan not raw)
• orange juice

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