Monday, June 30, 2014

Breaking: The Results Are IN

In my fun doctor's office gown.

Guys. As you may recall, one of the reasons I started the raw/v was that I had high cholesterol. Before I started the raw/v a little over three months ago, my cholesterol was 241. I had it tested a week ago and got the results back today. My current cholesterol is 181. That's right. I brought it down 60 points in three months. High five.

I was a little low on vitamin D and B12. I got an Rx for the D and a shot in the behind of B12.

When I told the doctor about my new way of eating, I was surprised that his first question was not about where did I get my protein  - but rather - how much weight did you lose? (My doc, Dr. H, is the doctor on The Biggest Loser, so of course that was his first question.) My answer: 25 pounds so far. And then his second question was, how am I getting my protein. (Apparently this question in response to hearing that someone is eating raw/vegan is encoded in all human DNA.) I told him I'm getting it from eating a big-ass ton of vegetables. He was satisfied with that. I am too. 

So no statins for me. Just a helluva lot of kale.


  1. That is SO awesome.

    I'm now even more encouraged to do this and see if Justins cholesterol goes down!
    Super high 5!!!

  2. This is AMAZING! I'm so inspired!!!!