Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wherefore Art Thou Raw?

I went to grab a juice at the natural food place this morning and they had that wonderful Ethiopian wrap thing there again. I answered the call.

For dinner Mr. Rosenberg and I went to a vegan restaurant nearby called Real Food Daily. All vegan but only one raw thing on the menu. (And it didn't involve kale.) Luckily, that one raw thing they had, I liked a lot. After I removed the small cilantro bush perched on top of my "raw bowl," the rest was lovely. We had a terrific tofu cheesecake for dessert (vegan, not raw) and that sort of made up for the fact that they didn't have more raw stuff. But not completely.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• green juice - my favorite: kale, spinach, apple (natural food store)
• Ethiopian Ater and Injera - mashed yellow peas in farro wrap - vegan, not raw (natural food store)
• coffee milkshake - cold pressed coffee, almond milk, raw cashew ice cream (Kind Kreme)
• Bragg Apple Cider and Honey drink (natural food store)
• Rainbow Bowl - kelp noodles, baby spinach, carrots, purple cabbage, red pepper, almond ginger dressing, mango, cilantro, mint, cashew crumble (Real Food Daily)
• tofu cheesecake - vegan, not raw (Real Food Daily)