Friday, May 9, 2014

Pretty Simple

I originally took a photo of some butter lettuce for today's post,  but then I thought you might enjoy looking at what was on the counter behind the butter lettuce instead.

Many people have asked if I have to cook separate meals for myself and the family. My answer is kind of but not really sort of sometimes. Mr. Rosenberg will generally eat whatever I'm eating and Bob doesn't really eat meat at home so I can give him pasta or quesadillas or something similar and Mr. R might eat some of that too. When it comes to "cooking," the stuff I'm having isn't generally cooked, just put together and doesn't take much time. So if the heart of the "Do you make two meals?' question is - "Is mealtime a pain in the ass when you're feeding the whole family?"  No. No, it isn't.

Did some raw and some cooked vegan today. For dinner I made vegetable curry over quinoa for Mr. R and myself. Bob opted out but requested a bowl of black beans with some cheese, carrots, and strawberries on the side. Easy peasy.

What I ate today:

• raw steel cut oats soaked overnight in almond milk
• strawberries
• coffee
• salad - butter lettuce and raw Kalamata olive hummus
• green juice - kale, spinach, apple (natural foods store)
• 4 raw organic Brazil nuts
• banana
• vegetable curry - carrots, onion, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli rabe
• quinoa

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  1. It's all a juggling act over here no matter what we are eating!