Thursday, May 1, 2014


Okay, I may have over done it in the travel snacks department. I did a panic-shop as if I'm going to a place where they've never heard of food. This haul ought to take the place of the mini-package of airline snack mix that I will not be eating on the plane. Maybe those dried persimmons pieces will be the thing that holds me together until Sunday. You never know.

It was in the 90s here today so after-school raw/v ice cream was mandatory.

What I ate today:

• raw oatmeal - soaked overnight with chia seeds and almond milk + strawberries
• coffee
• salad - red lettuce, avocado, olive oil, Himalayan pink salt
• celery with peppercorn cashew spread (Lick Foods)
• coffee flavored raw vegan "ice cream" - (Kind Kreme)
• fresh juice - I forgot what all was in it but it's very green and kale-y.

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