Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh, My Aching... Nothing

I used to get a lot of headaches. A lot. Like maybe three a week that required Ibuprofin. I just realized that I haven't had a headache since week two of the raw/v. Miraculous. I also used to get bad cramps every month during my special lady time, but now, the cramps are barely noticeable and don't require Advil. High five.

What I ate today:

• 1 banana
• coffee
• macadamia and cashew nuts
• green grapes
• 1 avocado
• crackers - Go Raw Sunflower Flax Snax (natural foods store)
• cashew paprika spread  - Lick Foods (natural foods store) I've said it before but seriously? Lick?
• salad - mixed greens, onion, avocado, fennel, raw Kalamata olive hummus (hummus/natural food store)
• dark chocolate - 71% cacao (Trader Joe's)
• raspberries