Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot Hot Heat

It was another hot day, a double popsicle day, but apparently it's never too hot to drive to Kind Kreme and get my favorite lunch. If you would have told me three months ago that a Raw Bowl and a green drink would be my favorite lunch, I would have laughed so hard we'd have both been sort of uncomfortable.

It's supposed to be 102 degrees tomorrow. I will wear white. I will drink water. I will do a lot of cursing when forced to leave the house for any reason. I'm a baby when reminded that LA is a desert.

Oh, and I lost another half a pound. Possibly from sweating.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• steel cut oats soaked overnight in almond milk
• strawberries
• raw bowl - my favorite thing with kale and stuff (Kind Kreme)
• green juice - kale, cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger (Kind Kreme)
• 2 Palapa Azul Smart Pops (Bristol Farms)
• edamame - vegan not raw, I made these for Bob but ate most of them myself. High five.
• green beans - vegan not raw, left-over from last night, sauteed with olive oil and Himalayan pink salt


  1. It's weird how I'm starting to look forward to my kale and pineapple smoothie in the morning.
    I'm not going to think about it too hard, it's too hot for that!


  2. I want to try oats soaked overnight in almond milk :)
    What is the ratio of oats to milk?

    1. I just add enough almond milk to cover the oats, then add a little more since they will soak up the milk. I usually add more milk in the morning and stir.