Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hello, Lover

I got these crunchy, pseudo-cheese, kale chip things today. These are kale coated with some version of cashew/nutritional yeast/Himalayan pink salt/etc - you know, the usual suspects. There were about five in the whole bag, they were two billion dollars, and they are my new secret boyfriend. I am grateful that you were not here to witness me trying to get the last tiny crumbs of "Kale Krunch" out of the bag and somehow transfer them to my face. Because of their ridiculous cost, I most likely will not be buying them often again but we'll always have those magical forty seconds.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• banana
• juice - kale, spinach, apple
• Alive & Radiant Quite Cheezy "Kale Krunch" (natural foods store)
• cold beet and orange salad - vegan, not raw (out to dinner at Lemonade Restaurant)
• cauliflower, almond, golden raisin cold salad with Indian spices (still out to dinner)
• handful of raw macadamia nuts
• iced tea


  1. You need a food dehydrator. Make them at home. Tasty x 1million.

    1. Thanks, Eileen. I will probably break down and by one at some point! xo

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  3. I totally found these too the other day. I sprinkled the crumbs on my salad, and then secretly hoped that they would no longer be sold at my grocery store because they are better than sex and I am not sure I can "quit" them. They also had sixteen other flavors that looked just as tempting.