Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

It was hot again today. I ran into Bristol Farms for popsicles. Remember those kind that I don't like?  I bought two boxes of them. I know. They're far from perfect (they have a stabilizer as an ingredient) but they are the only ones I saw that don't have any kind of sweetener at all. I should be making my own fruit/veg pops at home, but I didn't pull that together yet and did I mention it was hot?

Went to a birthday party at the park in the evening. They were serving Mexican food. I stayed vegan not raw and it was nice to mix it up a little. They were showing a movie in the park after the party, so I ate popcorn while watching "Frozen." I let it go.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• 2 Mango Bread cracker things - from yesterday (natural food store)
• raw, organic almond butter
• more coffee (iced this time)
• blueberries
• 6 Brazil nuts
• grapefruit juice
• artichoke, tomato, hearts of palm salad (vegan not raw)
• cold lentils (vegan not raw)
• small green salad
• 2 Palapa Azul Smart Pops (Bristol Farms)
• 3 Mango Bread crackers
•  garlic dill cashew spread (Lick Foods)
• pineapple (Thanks, Gabby!)
• coffee
• black bean, corn and zucchini
• rice topped with guacamole
• popcorn
• Organic Spicy Lemonade - Evolution Fresh


  1. Hello Ms. Lisa! I just had a fruit and yogurt plate sitting in a palapa by a decidedly azul sea. You would have enjoyed it and I thought of you.

    1. Wonderful! I am so happy you are in your heart place. xoxo