Monday, May 12, 2014

Brunch Trio

Flowers from the guys.

Mother's Day: I had three lovely brunches. One, at Legoland with the guys, a repeat of yesterday. Two with my delightful in-laws at a restaurant in Culver City called Rush Street. The best I could do there vegan-wise was a "felafel burger," a felafel in the shape of a patty. I got it without the bun. Added a side salad. Three was with my mom at a restaurant nearby called The Raymond. Not any vegan choices at brunch time so I had a shrimp salad without the shrimp, without the bacon, and without the hardboiled egg. What was left after that? Not so much. Had a raw bar soon after getting home.

For dinner, I tried out some kelp noodles that have been sitting in my fridge. I tossed them with a little olive oil, fresh tomato, and shallots. Pretty okay. The noodles were really crunchy, which I wasn't expecting. They also have no taste whatsoever.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• 2 bananas
• mango smoothie
• felafel
• small green salad
• iced tea
• salad - romaine, avocado, orange sections, dijon dressing
• Raw Bar - pumpkin and cranberry (natural food store)
• kelp noodles - tomato, shallot, olive oil (natural food store)
• 2 raw coconut macaroons
• coffee (more to bookend the day)