Friday, May 23, 2014

A Chard Sandwich

Here is a backyard rose. Prettier than the other options today.

Chard Update: You were waiting to see what I was going to do with that big-ass chard weren't you? I cut the sides of the chard off of the stem, leaving two long chard strips. I put avocado and hummus on it, wrapped it up like a burrito-y wrap thing. It was very good. Not bitter, as I was expecting. I did not post a photo of these because although delightful tasting, they look really boring, you know, like rolled up leaves.

Mr. Rosenberg picked up some raw almond butter at Bristol Farms. Apparently you stand there and watch the guy make it. So much better than even the best stuff from the jar. I don't want to know how much it costs because artisanal anything is never inexpensive. I didn't post a photo of the almond butter either since it looks like diaper business.

I was at Bristol Farms myself today to pick up some of the apple cider drink. While I was there I saw that they also had a concord grape and acai version of the same cider thing. Brought a bottle home to try and it was aggressively not for me. I hadn't read the ingredients in the store, but now I see that the grape flavor has stevia in it. I don't like the stevia taste and it makes my stomach grumpy. Luckily, I bought a bottle of the regular stuff too so - crisis averted. It gets wild over here, I tell you.

What I ate today:

• coffeeeeeeeeee
• banana
• nectarine
• chard wrap w/ avocado and hummus
• apple slices with almond butter
• Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink
• salad - red lettuce, avocado, sprouted sunflower seeds, olive oil, Himalayan pink salt
• blueberries

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