Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What It Was Like and What I Ate

If you haven't taken a selfie with your favorite condiment, then what are you doing with your life, really? 
(Also these Bragg's yeast people aren't paying me to talk about their magic flakes. I just like them.)

The stuff I'm holding in the picture is Nutritional Yeast Seasoning. If you haven't tried it before (and really why would you?) it's good stuff. It has a cheesey-ish nutty flavor, sort of. Raw kale has never been my idea of a party but with a little olive oil and some of this stuff on it, its actually all right. After week one, I even started (gasp!) looking forward to it.

In my first week of raw/vegan, I missed my bread. My solution was to eat a truck-load of guacamole with raw crackers. I found the crackers at the natural foods place by my house. They're in the shape of crackers but it's a stretch to call them "crackers." They were more seeds and nuts held together by I'm not sure what. I ate a lot of bananas and kale.

After the first week, I stepped down the guacamole and really tried to stick to organic produce. I've also heard that fermented vegetables are important to eat when you're doing the raw/v thing. (Was that gross to shorten it to "raw/v?" Whatever, I'm doing it.) I got some kimchee and had a little of that everyday. 

My goal here is to stick to raw foods most of the time, with a cooked vegan meal maybe once a week or so.

The biggest question I get is, what do you EAT? 

So, here's what I ate today:
• water with lemon
• 2 bananas and strawberries
• 1 raw coconut macaroon (from the natural foods place)
• black coffee
• big salad with romaine, spinach, avocado, onion, fennel, grapefruit, and raw sprouted sunflower seeds
olive oil, Himalayan pink salt
• 1/2 cup kimchee
• bowl of kale with olive oil and nutritional yeast
• apple slices and celery with raw almond butter
• 2 more of those macaroons (I still like my desserts.)

I eat until I'm full but the full feeling is different than the full I was used to before. I can only describe it as a less stuffed, lighter full. It's full instead of FULL. The main thing is that I'm not hungry or HUNGRY.


  1. This is awesome and I'm still jealous.
    But I have no desire to eat any of that...


  2. Raw/V (Hilarious!!!)
    I tried the nutritional yeast...very jazzy.