Saturday, April 19, 2014

On the Menu

Today after my son, Bob was out of school, we went to a raw and vegan restaurant that's pretty close to our house. They have juices and smoothies and lots of quinoa stuff and raw tacos and vegan pizza, but the thing they're known for is their raw/v ice cream. Bob is starting to really be into a flavor called "Superfood." I'm not sure what's in it but it tastes like chocolate and that's good enough for Bob. I was older than the majority of the clientele by about two careers, three marriages, and a kid. I was also not carrying a yoga mat, which seemed to be mandatory. The people behind the counter were really nice to us anyway. I got the "Raw Bowl." It was a lot of raw and I could only finish half. I liked it.

What I ate today:
• coffee
• 1 banana
• 1 mandarin orange
• Raw Bowl - This included pickled vegetables, garlic (make that, GARLIC), almond pesto, cashew cheese, something they had the nerve to call "alfredo sauce," (false advertising but it was still good), and a whole lot of kale.
• The Alkalizer - This fresh squeezed juice included apple, cucumber, ginger, kale, and grapefruit. Again, it seemed kale heavy but I'm getting used to that.
• Another banana
• Raw granola with almond milk - I bought this at Whole Foods. It had the consistency of gravel even after I let it soak in the almond milk for awhile. I think if I want cereal, I stick with the oatmeal.


  1. I'm so glad the yoga babies were nice!
    I'm with Bob, superfood that tastes like chocolate! Yum.


  2. What's the deal with all the kale? Are no other greens allowed into the club?

    1. From what I understand, they pack a lot of nutritional bang for the green leafy buck. I think collards might be next on the horizon. xo

    2. I've always believed that a wide variety of foods is what provides the most nutrition. What may be a part of kale's nutritional value may be lacking in other greens but vice versa as well. Have you tried mustard greens? In the raw they are quite spicy and delicious.

    3. I'm with you. Mustard greens are good things. And I'm starting to like beet greens too. Maybe fenugreek micro greens are next for me? xo