Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bob Loblaw and Fudge

When it came time to name this blog, every name I could come up with either sounded porn-y or tongue -twisterish. Even the name I finally chose, My Raw Blog, reminds me of the "Bob Loblaw Law Blog" from Arrested Development.

Meanwhile there's this raw/v fudge. (Yes, I'm trying to make raw/v a thing.) Oh my God you guys, this fudge is super easy and tastes like real dessert not just "pretty good for vegan food." It is really fast and easy to make. I blended the ingredients by hand, didn't need a blender. I've done it a few times now and I'm thinking I should just have some in the freezer for always in the event of chocolate emergencies. It's really rich so you won't feel like eating a lot. Eat it right out of the freezer or it gets all melty and messy.
You can find the recipe at The Culinary Life.

Here's what I ate today:
• 1 banana
• coffee
• tomatoes/snap peas/carrots/jicama - This was from one of those little Trader Joe's boxes that's divided into quarters. You find them in the refrigerated vegetable section.
• cranberry nut bar - The brand is Two Moms in the Raw (more porn titles) and I got it at Whole Foods where it was hilariously overpriced.
• one small raw mixed green juice from Whole Foods - I can't remember everything that was in it but I know that kale and spinach were involved. It tasted like the smell of fresh cut lawn but after a few sips, I got used to it.
• 1 avocado with Himalayan pink salt - the pink salt is a thing with the vegans and the raw people. It's supposed to be better for you than regular table salt somehow and it tastes great. I got mine at the grocery store. (Von's)
• mixed berries and pineapple


  1. Got my Himalayan pink salt! I want some of that fudge now.


  2. Is that enough food to sustain life?

  3. hi lisa! did you go raw/v (see I picked up your thing!) as an experiment or because the lifestyle is appealing to you? Just curious...and good luck with it. Seems like a hard but healthy way to eat. I went vegetarian for a week once and just felt hungry all the time.

    1. Hi Beth! I had a friend who had been feeling great as a result of the raw/v ;) and I decided to give it a try. I originally decided to try it for a week. I felt so much better that I just extended that week and have kept going since. I haven't been hungry because since it's not a "diet," there are no limits on how much I can eat as long as it's in the parameters of raw/v. I learned really quickly that avocados, coconut, and bananas are really good at keeping me full. Now that I've been doing it awhile I can get full on other stuff too. (Hello kale!)

  4. I'm totally making this fudge! (Maybe when all the Easter candy disappears!)