Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beaver Butt, Anyone?

My friend turned me on to Food Babe. She calls herself a "food investigator" and makes it her job to find out the truth about what's really in the food we eat. This video explains where some of the "natural flavorings" on food labels are really coming from. Yeah, It's about how we're eating "castoreum," the castor sacks and anal fluid of the North American beaver. You heard me.

One thing I know, since doing the raw/v thing, I haven't ingested any beaver butt in the last six weeks.

What I ate today:

• coffee
• one pear
• raw wrap with mushrooms, avocado, hummus, and spinach - The wrap was one of those "WrawPs."
• 4 raw Botija black Peruvian olives
• green juice - spinach, ginger, pineapple, apple, mango

Over time, I'm noticing I get happily full on a lot less food. High five.


  1. OMG!!!! I'll never not know this again!!!!!

  2. I am curious, Lisa- where are you getting your protein? Not that I think you should get it from Beaver butt.

    1. Tofu, edamame, nuts and seeds and vegetables have protein - so eating a lot of different types is optimal. xoxo L