Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Cardboard Box of Goodness

Every Wednesday, around 4am, a box of local, organic fruits and vegetables is left on our doorstep. We signed up for this service a few years back and I always felt like I was racing against the clock every week to try and use everything up before the next box came. Often I didn't and then I had food-waste guilt. Now that I'm raw/vegan, Wednesday mornings, when I open that box, it's like Christmas.

I'm eating beet greens and fennel and leeks and sweet little onions and a bunch of lovely stuff I never took the time to figure out what to do with but should have been eating anyway.

Here's what I ate today:

• coffee
• mixed berries
• Go Raw Live Pumpkin Bar (Whole Foods) A thin seed bar, these aren't great but if you're out and all you've got in your purse is one of these...
• Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bar  - See above
• kale, spinach, apple, ginger juice - From the natural foods store by my house.
• carrot celery sticks, jicama
• 6 raw Botija black Peruvian olives  - These are super good - brined not in a lye mixture like many other olives, but brined only in sea salt - or so they say in a YouTube video I found when I googled "Botija."
• a big salad - Bob and his friend Felix and I went out for dinner. At the neighborhood coffee shop we went to, I went rogue. I asked for something that was no longer on their menu as of a couple of months ago, the Southwest Chicken Salad. I asked for it with no chicken, extra avocado, hold the sour cream. (So now I'm that pain in the ass customer.) It also had onions and peppers and tomatoes. I enjoyed.

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